Our Mission:

To provide quality, customized duck calls to our customers that are rich in sound and tradition!




Snazz Duck Calls where you can have your own personal quack!



About Snazz Duck Calls:


Jerry Billy Pendergist puts 50+ years of duck calling research & development, in the Cache River Bottoms of Woodruff County Arkansas, into the Snazz Duck Call… the ultimate instrument for communicating with waterfowl.

The Snazz Duck Call’s crescendo brings a ring on the top end, then falls to a soft sweet whisper. Pleading and guttural acorn feed sounds expand the ring range. Snazz is music to a ducks ears … the complete package.

Calls are made from all the exotic hardwoods as well as acrylics. The basic single-reed Arkansas grunt-style call is finished with a wide signature brass band. The call is collectable folk art as well. Not only is the SNAZZ a working call — it is also heirloom quality that can withstand a lifetime of hard hunting and be passed on.

Contact us: 501-663-8747

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The Art of Duck Calls